Arbour Health care offers a wide range of health care services—from short-term rehab, respite and hospice care, to long-term skilled nursing care. An on-call house physician provides the majority of our residents with regular medical attention and is also available in an emergency situation. Of course, the residents' personal physicians are always welcome to continue to provide care and attend to their patients at our facility. In addition, our social worker, helps residents adjust emotionally to communal living using methods like group meetings, personal counseling and daily living guidance.

To meet our residents' health care and emotional needs, we provide physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy programs. Our skilled nursing staff, on hand 24-hours a day, really make an effort to go above and beyond their normal duties. We are always available to discuss medication, treatment schedules and health issues relating to your loved one. Our residents' confidence in our staff is a reflection of the personal attention and pride each staff member takes in their position.

Our goal is to prepare tasty, nutritious meals that meet the residents' specific dietary requirements. Mealtime at Arbour is truly a communal affair. In addition, we celebrate holidays and special events in our cheerful dining room complete with festivities and decorations.

To meet our residents' need for health and well-being, we offer daily exercise classes and arrange for professional dental care. We also make available specialized programs including audiology, ophthamology, optometry and podiatry.